I Wore WHAT? High School Senior Year Yearbook, 1994


New York Fashion Week just ended, and what better way to honor it than the long-awaited next installment of I Wore WHAT?, a classic Cool Dad-style inversion of the “what I wore” phenomenon of a million blogs and Instagram accounts.

This edition of IWW? takes us to the spring of 1994, my senior year at Hardee High School in the middle of rural Central Florida.

The yearbooks were handed out, and students scanned the pages hoping to catch a glimpse of their own pubescent mugs. Remember, this was when a smart phone was one that had Touch Tone buttons instead of a rotary dial. There were no smartphones, hence no selfies, hence no thousands of self portraits at your fingertips. Pictures of yourself were rare commodities.

My most prominent photo in the yearbook announced my selection as the male who was “Most Likely to Succeed.” I’d wager that those who predicted my likelihood of success are not prominent statisticians today.

“Most Likely to Show Up on Picture Day Without Hair Styling of Any Sort” would have been a more accurate superlative for me. The untouched hair, the large suit jacket I could swim in, the flowery silk tie that I apparently tied in anything but a tie knot…I wore WHAT?

Upon further inspection, it’s possible that only my female counterpart Angel was voted “Most Likely to Succeed.” I, on the other hand, was voted “Push It to the Limit,” because, clearly, from the looks of my outfit, I was a Limit Pusher.

4 notes on “I Wore WHAT? High School Senior Year Yearbook, 1994

  1. Shannon

    I’ve been gone too long from your blog! – thank you Facebook for notifying me of this post. I laughed out loud several times! Oh, and thank you, Cool Dad for limiting that to two pictures and not showing others in your class.

    Swamp bog.

    1. Cool Dad Post author

      Welcome back! I’m glad I could provide you with several LOLs.

      I’m actually in search of content, which would enable me to post more than once a quarter. This idea of posting other pictures from my senior class intrigues me. Certainly the Most Friendly of the class wouldn’t mind! (It was ‘Most Friendly’, right?)

  2. Vanessa

    I love it! I’ll have to follow your post…so glad your mom shared on FB so I found it. Push the limit…I don’t remember that, but it’s funny. Great writing!


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