My Week as a Foodstagrammer

Wong Fu Productions/YouTube

Wong Fu Productions/YouTube

I used to mentally roll my eyes anytime I saw someone Instagram their food. But during a trip last week to Williamsburg, VA to hang out with the Cool Grandparents, I fell hard into the habit.

I worked everyday while the family checked out the historical to-dos and goings-on around Williamsburg. The only tourism I engaged in was going out for a meal or two – and I Instagrammed. Even worse, instead of making it to a Yelp-approved local restaurant, we took a last-second turn into the parking lot of…don’t judge…Golden Corral. [-5 cool points] I guess you could say the Corral roped us in. (Har!) 

Here are their fountains of chocolate and caramel.

Chick-fil-A was only 5 minutes from our place, and I succumbed quickly to its gravitational pull. Apparently, my followers also wish to Eat Mor Chikin as the pic got a whopping 12 Likes, a success for my underdog Instagram.

Chocolate frosting hot donut covered with bacon Duck Donuts stomach happy heart sad! (So decadent, proper grammar and sentence structure not required.)

A Foodstagramming habit is hard to break, evidenced by the fact that I continued even when back in Brooklyn. Here’s the other night’s blueberry-raspberry cobbler.

I’ve broken the foodstagramming chain for now, but all bets are off when I return to Florida this month. Pikture more chikin!

One note on “My Week as a Foodstagrammer

  1. Nate

    I’m actually the opposite. I really want to take food pics when we go out to eat, but always forget until the food is too badly damaged to be worth foodstagramming, yelping, facebooking, or evernote collecting. Maybe if we prayed before we ate God would remind me.


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