How Old Should Cool Boy Be When I Let Him Watch ‘Star Wars’? (Poll)


Cool Boy has never heard a lightsaber cut air with its unmistakeable vrmmm. He’s never seen Luke whine about chores on the moisture farm. Yet, thanks to LEGO books and kits, CB (and Cool Newbie) are enthralled with a certain galaxy far far away.

I’m a nerd, so of course the original trilogy held considerable sway over my childhood. The second trilogy…let’s not waste precious words on Jar-Jar and a love connection so icy, it was a match made on Hoth. 

It’s no secret to Cool Boy that ‘Star Wars’ is a movie, one Daddy saw long ago. He wants to see it, too, and I look forward to the day when we can sit and experience Episode IV together. I think that day will come when he’s 9 or 10.

CB’s already 7, so I expect groans from others who say he’s old enough to watch it now. I was contemplating letting him watch it recently, but then I remembered this

And this

Aaaaaand this

I’d prefer not to trouble his gentle mind with such indelible images. Besides, I don’t want him dwelling on some imaginary monster during trips to our favorite garbage-filled swimming hole.

Am I just overthinking it? What do you think?

At what age should CB see ‘Star Wars’ with his Daddy?

Cool Boy Can See 'Star Wars'...

One note on “How Old Should Cool Boy Be When I Let Him Watch ‘Star Wars’? (Poll)

  1. Warren G

    I believe it depends on his previous exposure to media. The other day, I heard a 6-year-old discussing the morality of one of the subplots of “The Walking Dead” with his mom… so “Star Wars” would be a walk in the park to him.

    However, to someone who has never been exposed to sci-fi violence or fantasy creatures may need a little hand-holding.


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