Back in the Saddle Again, Slowly

When we decided to move to New York in 2008, I dreamed that somehow, some way, I could make money as a writer. Last fall, I finally got that job as an editor for a website. The opportunity came in the most random way and could have easily slipped under my radar, but it didn’t, and I landed that long-awaited place in the writing/media world.

Three months later, I was fired. The new website hadn’t taken off like Management hoped, and I was let go at the end of an otherwise productive work day. However,  a week later I was hired back for another writing role and that’s gone swimmingly.

All this work with words has unexpectedly put a choke hold on my extracurricular writing, namely this blog. After grinding copy through my head all day, I’ve stayed off the computer when I don’t need to be.

Writing for the masses, however, has left me missing the freedom to be myself in my writing – at times goofy, absurd and serious. It took Cool Mum to remind me that there’s a place where I can do that: this little blog of 800-some posts that we’ve worked on since July 2007. I kinda forgot…sorry about that.

I wanna get back in the swing of things here. There’s much more to say, like who I’m writing for, what I’m writing and how I feel about it all, but let’s start small.

See you tomorrow.

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