Merry Christmas From the Cool Fam!


It’s 19º degrees in New York City! BRR! But we’re making do in the 50s right now in Florida, looking at a Christmas high of 75. I sent Cool Mum and the Bros down on a plane last week, and then made the solo drive from NYC to Florida last weekend.

Highlights of the 20-plus hours on the road included stopping for lunch at a popular roast beef place outside of Baltimore and having lunch with the guy I asked a recommendation from. And then I made a waffle at the motel’s breakfast bar for some fellow New Yorkers making the drive. And then there was the time I stopped at Zaxby’s as a welcome meal to the South. Basically I’m food-obsessed.

Which will make this an excellent Christmas as we split meals between the two sets of Cool Grandparents.

Here’s wishing a Merry and Blessed Christmas to all Cool Readers, every one!

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