Would You Be Willing to Live the Life of a Royal?


photo: Lefteris Pitarakis / AP

We now take a break from the drawn-out series on our Midwest road trip to talk about an actual hot topic: The Brand New British Royal Baby Boy. Honestly, my interest in the frenzy is at most surface level. Praise God for the miracle of life and another healthy baby brought into the world. Beyond that, I’m not really following the story of The Boy Who Would Be King But First Needs a Name. 

I was in the office yesterday when the news broke, and we talked about what it must be like for Princess Kate: to have the world track every moment of your pregnancy, every extra centimetre on your waistline. I asked my office mates, both women, if they would endure the neverending attention in exchange for the life of a royal. They emphatically said, “No way.” Me? I’m up for the challenge, though maybe not for the right reasons.

  • For the last five years, we’ve lived in one tiny apartment with no washing machine after another. I’d love to stretch out in our own Downton Abbey or two. ‘Lord Cool Dad’ has a brill ring to it.
  • I lack the uterus that would be the subject of such fascination and fanaticism. And it’s pointless to imagine having one, because, well, weird.
  • First a musician, and now a writer, I WANT ATTENTION.

Cool Mum isn’t aware of any royal lineage. I might be heir to a middle management position in an ancestral Filipino tribe. Either way, the odds of nobility being thrust upon us are impossibly low, but just in case, I’m listening.

Would you accept the attention and pressure of being royalty for the privileged life that comes with it? Let us know in the comments below.

One note on “Would You Be Willing to Live the Life of a Royal?

  1. Mike

    An interesting question. I really want to answer no, because it seems egotistical to say otherwise. And yet of the main reasons I blog is the ultimate pipe-dream of millions of followers and enough revenue for me to quit work and hire someone to wash, clean, cut my grass and perhaps carry out assassinations when really necessary, like when someone suggests that I’ve put weight on.

    So perhaps the honest answer is yes. Yes, I’d like to be a prince, have lots of money, bodyguards, and have lots of people listening to what I say and carrying out my every whim. It’d be fun.


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