When We Drove Two Hundred Miles, Likely into a Storm, to See The Lone Bellow


After taking the Cool Bros to see Lucius last month, I wanted to take the boys to see one of their faves, The Lone Bellow. We could only do an outdoor concert since any venue would be at least 18 and up. However, with festival season winding down, we only had a couple of chances left this year.

The band played a homecoming show at Prospect Park on the 20th, but we were out of town for most of the day. Our last shot was Sunday evening’s show at Long’s Park in Lancaster, PA, a 3-hour drive from us. 

I watched the weather forecast throughout the weekend, and it wasn’t promising: 50% chance of thunderstorms in the evening. As of Sunday morning, the forecast hadn’t budged. I didn’t want to drive 3 hours just to discover the show was cancelled due to lightning, so we reluctantly pulled the plug knowing we’d have to wait a year ’til the boys could see The Lone Bellow.

After church, we were laying around the house when, on a whim, I checked the Lancaster weather. Somehow, the forecast had shifted from 50% T-storms to 0% precipitation. I triple-checked that I was looking up the correct “Lancaster, PA.” Cool Mum was in Manhattan, and I immediately texted her. The plan was on. It was 3pm, the show was starting at 7:30, and we had 3 hours to get there. Picking up CM would add 45 minutes to trip, at least, so we three Cool Males got dressed in a whirlwind and sped into city.

On our way out of Manhattan, I asked CM to check the weather to make sure I wasn’t crazy. She found the forecast was the same as it ever was: 50% chance of thunderstorms in Lancaster, PA. Was I dreaming? How did I come across the 0% precipitation that got us out the door in the first place? Feeling like an idiot, I knew the smart move was to head back home. For our usual evening routine. With a 60% chance of fighting over the same toys and yelling. And 0% chance of adventure.

I decided to put it in God’s hands. Countless times I’ve prayed for great weather in spite of the odds, and we got it. It happened just last week. Now, we were going to drive 200 miles for this concert, and I just trusted that He would clear the skies ahead of us.

In the midst of a downpour in New Jersey, I had my doubts. We called the park’s office, no answer. We tweeted at the band asking if the show was still on. But then the sky turned blue over Pennsylvania, all the way to our parking spot. We rushed up and planted ourselves in front of the stage for a night of some of our favorite songs by one of our favorite bands.

When I saw Cool Newbie’s brown eyes light up at the chorus of “Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold,” when I saw Cool Boy intently singing the ba-ba-da‘s of “Bleeding Out,” when I danced with Cool Mum to “Looking for You,” it was obvious that the drive and risk were well worth it.


Cool Bros ready to rock.


The two girls left halfway through the show, so we claimed front row. I promise I didn’t pester them into leaving.


The crowd gets comfortable.


Jason and Kanene Pipkin share a moment during “Looking for You.”


Cool Boy’s view.



Kanene and Cool Boy

One note on “When We Drove Two Hundred Miles, Likely into a Storm, to See The Lone Bellow

  1. Devon

    nope not tearing up reading how excited the cool bros were hearing their favorite songs! not one tear. what an adventure – so glad the weather held for you all! 😀


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