Cool Fam Road Trip Recap: Indianapolis [photos]


Testing out a new camera lens

After 20 days, 3000 miles and five families imposed upon, the biggest Cool Fam Road Trip yet is over. Well, ‘imposed upon’ is kind of strong. I happen to think my grade school chum Trey was pretty amused when I refused to sleep on sheets with a mere 400 thread count, and amusing people is how I bring light into the world.

Our loose outline of a plan was to stay a week in Indianapolis with our friends Ben and Polina, head west to Denver and Yellowstone, then break south to Texas to see Trey, who had taken off work to hang out, and other friends. An ambitious plan, especially with two kids in the back of our boxy hatchback, but neither Cool Mum nor I had witnessed the natural wonders of the American West. We were almost halfway there; why not keep driving? 

Here’s why not: Indy to Denver is a 16-hour drive, then Yellowstone adds another 9. That would put us about 40 hours west of NYC, and we still had to dip south to Texas. I decided it was too crazy, even for us. However, this officially threw us into Air Travel via the Seat of Our Pants. With our tour of the West scrapped, we now had a week to kill before reporting to Trey’s place, and we weren’t sure where to kill it.

Ben and Polina said we were welcome to stay past the original week, as long as we needed. I imagined how snazzy Cool Boy’s senior prom pictures would look at the foot of the staircase, but decided that a few more days would be best. So, 7 days in Indy turned into 11, and we enjoyed the overtime.

A few photo highlights of our time in Indianapolis:

Cool Boy going off to his first summer camp

Cool Boy going off to his first summer camp


Celebrating Cool Newbie’s birthday at CFA


Meeting up with Lucius (photo by Cool Boy)


Hitting the driving range for Cool Boy’s first time, and my first time in 25 years (when I routinely smacked the ball backwards)


CM going to a Yelp Indy Elite Ping Pong Pool Party at a nearby mansion


Father’s Day breakfast (with Cheerwine!)


CM and CB visited a new church being painted with iconography


Highlights not pictured include:

  • A Nerf gun battle with the kids in the basement. I accidentally pegged CB between the eyes with a squishy but not entirely soft frisbee-like projectile. Not good.
  • Filming Polina, a fashion photographer, at work during a shoot at the Indianapolis Museum of Art
  • An impromptu fashion shoot of CM in the backyard under Polina’s direction

Next up: Tejas

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