Lucius Interview: Talking with Our New Fave Band [video]


Holly and Jess from Lucius and the Cool Fam

After we planned our trip to Indianapolis, I found out that one of my favorite new bands, Lucius, was playing a couple of hours south in New Albany, IN. Given that last year’s 13-hour drive to Indy was sparked by the chance to see and interview Eisley, this quick jaunt was a no-brainer. Even better, I talked to Lucius’ publicist and secured a video interview. 

I’d seen the band put on a couple of amazing shows in NYC, so I was thrilled to talk to them about the big year they’ve been having that’s included rave reviews in the media, plays on Grey’s Anatomy and New Girl, and a successful outing at SXSW. And they just signed to Mom + Pop Music, the indie record label that’s home to artists Ingrid Michaelson, Freelance Whales and Sleigh Bells. Finally, “Don’t Just Sit There” is my most played song of the year.

The interview was scheduled for 5pm before the 6pm show time. Thus began our regularly scheduled comedy of errors. We left a little late, but Google Maps said we would make it to Bicentennial Park on time. However, I didn’t notice that Google Maps was programmed to completely screw us over that day, because it led us to a Bicentennial Park “near” New Albany without actually telling me so. (See for yourself. The iPhone app didn’t specify ‘near’, at least that I saw.) “Near” ended up being Madison, IN, an hour away from our actual destination.

We finally arrived at the real Bicentennial Park at 6:00. By God’s grace, it turned out that Lucius wasn’t going on until 7:20. As I set up our interview spot on the sidewalk, I heard Cool Boy mutter, “Uh oh.” I turned around to see his nose leaking blood.

The ladies of Lucius (pictured above) sprang into action. While I pondered what else would go wrong, Holly ran to a nearby hot dog shop to get napkins, and Jess consulted WebMD on her phone for correct nosebleed treatment technique. CB was saved.

Somehow, someway, we interviewed the band in time for their show, and here’s the video to prove it.

Sorry for the distorted audio at the end. I filmed some songs from the front row, and they sounded divine. However, I had a bit of an audio brain fart (good name for my next band) and didn’t compensate for the sound being way too much for the camera to handle. I tried to get a feed from the board but wasn’t able to. Anyway, enough geeky apology. Live and learn.

Instead, you can enjoy the great audio on their acclaimed Tiny Desk Concert.

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