You Need the Beautiful and Haunting Music of Our Friend L.E. Taylor

le-taylor-tree-of-life-cover-300Five years ago, we featured the first ever guest post on AWSC?, a humorous and moving piece by our blog friend Lauren. The post was called “Musings from the brink,” where she talked about being on the precipice of big change and the anxiety and faith at play in such a moment. She also coined our nickname Cool ‘Rents, which I proudly use to this day. 

In her blog, Lauren told her story of being widowed with a 3-month-old son. We were struck by her honesty and amazed by the grace and humor with she approached life after tragedy. She’s a great writer.

Over the year, she moved cities and stopped writing the blog. Then a couple of weeks ago, I saw on Facebook that Lauren was releasing her debut EP, Tree of Life, under the name L.E. Taylor.

I checked it out and was floored. First, the songs are good – beautifully performed and expertly produced folk/traditional tunes. But knowing their story gave them the weight of a boulder and the ability to cut so deep emotionally, it’s surgical. Listen to “Light on the River.” (Lyrics on her Bandcamp page.)

I reconnected with Lauren and featured her on Brewing Culture, a culture blog I edit. Read the interview, where she talks about how tragedy led her to make this music and what it means now in terms of healing.

Naturally, I urge you: Buy Tree of Life by L.E. Taylor. It’s only $6 for songs that are a reminder of how faithful God is. Making them brought Lauren hope and healing. Hearing them may do the same for you.

To keep up with Lauren, visit her website and Like her Facebook page.

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  1. mrs. moo

    Her story is so moving. Thanks for sharing. Loved the interview and learning about the back story to her album.


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