Looking for a Cool Minivan? Here are 6 of Them!

My friend Heather posted this to Facebook yesterday:

Pretty great bumper sticker on a minivan tonight: “I used to be cool.”

I don’t know the owner of said minivan, but I hope s/he’s not implying that simply owning a minivan robs one of Cool Points. My first car was a minivan, a brown Plymouth Voyager with vinyl woodgrain paneling on the sides that gave it a natural, Bear Grylls kind of sexiness. It pretty much looked like this:


And look at how cool I was! 


Now, in addition to not knowing the owner of the minivan Heather spotted, I also don’t know anything about the minivan itself. Maybe the minivan was styled in an uncool manner, like painted a puke green color or sporting bumper stickers that screamed the driver’s devotion to Team Edward. But the uncoolness doesn’t stem from the fact it’s a minivan.

In fact, minivans are can be cooler than you can ever imagine. Take a look at these sweet rides that possibly seat up to 8 and feature rear A/C control for everyone’s comfort.

Speed bumps going into a school zone need not rattle your transmission.

Speed bumps going into a school zone REALLY need not rattle your transmission.

A good way to keep from hitting pedestrians is to terrify them with the visage of a demon dog from hell.

Eliminate the need for rear A/C control or protection from stinging sleet or scorching sun. (autoblog.com)

Narrow parking spot? No problem. (lowridermagazine.com)

People will actually PAY YOU for rides to soccer practice or the airport.

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