I’ve Figured Out My Dream Job. Now What?

In a recent interview, I described myself as a “jack of some trades.” Since moving to NYC to find a career, people have paid me to manage an office, shoot photos and video, hand out buttons and swag at events, conduct online marketing, write a short book series, manage social media, play music, write marketing copy, design websites and edit blogs.

All of these jobs had some degree of fulfillment, and for that I’m extremely grateful. But none of them were my dream job. Music comes close, but the travel would be too much, unless the rest of the Cool Fam could come with me. 

A couple of years ago, I figured out what my dream job was. My friend Ben, who was on his own search for a calling, asked me, and I had to think about it for a minute. What would I love to do everyday, for years and years? What do I find so fun and rewarding that I’d even do it for free? The answer crystallized and I mentally kicked myself for not realizing it off the bat. This. What I’m doing now: writing this blog.

I’ve written about 700 posts over the past six years for free. Well, there was that one sponsored post, and then the $5/month we earn from advertising. I’ve made about $200 over the life of this blog. I’ll conservatively estimate that I’ve spent 800 hours on those 700 posts (some videos took 4–6 hours to shoot and edit), so my trusty arithmetical calculator button pressing skills tell me that

$200/800 hours = $0.25/hour

A quarter an hour. According to my forecasts for the remainder of Q2 FY13, I recommend that our business model is in need of a paradigm shift out the wazoo. My main two options for action are:

  1. Drastically decrease post production time to raise my effective hourly income. A good model to follow would be this Tumblr.
  2. Mine my everyday experiences to consistently write quality content with entertaining stories and rich media, which will attract regular readers and thus increase ad revenue.

Yikes, Option 2 sounds hard. Same Picture of Cool Dad Every Day it is!


Okay, I don’t think I can handle seeing that picture everyday, but I need to work toward my dream job. Okay, Option 2, let’s dance.

Have you figured out your dream job? What are you doing to get it?

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