Are You Visiting NYC This Summer?

cool-fam-gantry-state-parkThe Cool Fam is getting their summer plans together, which may include a trip or two west, and, if Cool Newbie gets his wish, to Super Why’s “Book Club” headquarters. Honestly, that sounds pretty fun except that I’d feel awkward socializing with Alpha Pig, knowing how much bacon I’ve consumed over the years.

What about you — any cool summer plans in the works? Specifically, are any Cool Readers visiting New York City, whether for fun, mission trip or representing your nation state at a U.N. General Assembly?

2 notes on “Are You Visiting NYC This Summer?

  1. Daisy

    I will be writing my Masters dissertation in Statistics, so unfortunately I will have to stay home most of the summer. Might get a trip to India in the Autumn as my boyfriend is looking at doing research out there. Hope the weather is treating you guys well, England is rainy!

    1. Cool Dad Post author

      Winter is stubbornly keeping Spring at bay, but it won’t last forever. India sounds cool. We’ve never been, but we have friends who took two (or three?) small kids there. We have no excuse. :)


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