Watch Cool Dad Perform Amy Grant’s ‘Baby Baby’ with a Couple of Friends

A couple of weekends ago, I played a show in Astoria, Queens with my friends Abby and Marissa. I’d love to play out more in NYC, but I want to perform original music. However, we hadn’t written enough songs to fill the 45-minute set, so they picked out some covers.

I’ll be honest, when they suggested that we do “Baby, Baby” by Amy Grant, I flinched. It’s a catchy, well-written pop song that I’m sure earned Ms. Grant lots of money. I knew Abby and Marissa would do a great job on it and make it fun for the audience. 

However, I, Mr. Christian Rock Guitarist, just didn’t feel like playing it. Plus, I was at a loss as how to translate the bouncy synth hook to acoustic guitar in a way that wouldn’t be total cheese. But I knew I was being cynical, which is a contaminant in my spirit, so I resolved to strum out some “Baby Baby.”

During our first time through in rehearsal, the song sounded fine. Wholesome and 99.44% Ivory soap pure. However, if we were going to play “Baby Baby,” I really wanted to own “Baby Baby,” so that our rendition would henceforth be known as “Baby Baby by Amy Grant as performed by [whatever our band name should be].”

If I may lay out some guitarspeak: With capo I, I started plunking out some 022 power chords, staying on the F instead of dancing up to the Am and back. It was a groove, and just like that, we started staking ownership in “Baby Baby.”

Here’s the result.

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