Please Comment: What Makes You Cool?

I was a Christian rock guitarist, helping lead crowds to worship the Lord, in a past life. (I mean “in a past life” in the colloquial ‘a number of years ago’ sense, not the literal Eastern reincarnation sense.)

Signing autographs was always a weird ritual. We tried to be ministers more than rock stars, but signings are a must when you sell CDs and posters, which is a must when you want to put gas in the van, which is a must when you want to return home. 

Each band member had his own salutation to go with his autograph. Lead singer Robert had his neatly written “Blessings.” Mine was meant to be lighthearted yet personal and encouraging, and I guess it was a precursor of things to come. In black Sharpie marker, scrawled in lowercase on compact discs now buried in closets across America, is:

you are cool!
Rom. 8:31

And even though I didn’t know every middle school girl and youth minster and hard rocking grandmother I signed for, I meant it. Each of them is significant and valued in God’s eyes, which makes an unbeatable case for coolness. (By the way, Rom. 8:31 is my favorite verse.)

So, I have no hesitation in claiming that you, Cool Reader, are cool, too. A treasure in God’s eyes for sure, but for other reasons, too. What I want to know – in your words – is why else you’re cool. 

Do you have an impeccable sense of style? Are you unmatched in your talent for balancing soccer practice, piano lessons and laundry? Do you write songs from the heart? Can you grow a sweet handlebar ‘stache? Have you traveled the world? Are a trustworthy and loyal friend?

Brag on yourself! I’m confident that you are cool; please tell us why in the comments. I’ll get you started: I’m cool because…

2 notes on “Please Comment: What Makes You Cool?

  1. Sunshine

    Im cool because my real name is Sunshine =0).

    And just because I’m confident that I am cool, i guess it runs in the family!

    Lastly my favorite verse is Psalm 23 and I believe that everyone is an angel on earth and has their own purpose to fulfill for Our Father!


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