I Just Went to New York City to Treat My FOMO

The Lone Bellow, Feb. 5 at Bowery Ballroom

While YOLO is bandied about Twitter and Facebook, another four-letter acronym tends to explain why I do the things I do: FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out.

FOMO is often blamed for people spending too much time on social media. Their friends are at some event, so they follow along on Instagram to keep from being stumped when said event comes up in conversation. My FOMO is so severe that just knowing about something fun going on isn’t enough. I have to be there, lest I develop regret, anxiety and possible athlete’s foot. 

Thanks to FOMO, I’ve made the 45-minute traffic-snarled, pothole-riddled drive from the North Bronx to Downtown Brooklyn at the drop of a hat. Thanks to FOMO, we flew from NYC to Florida for the weekend just for a U2 concert. Thanks to FOMO, we drove to Indianapolis to see Eisley.

FOMO, along with having two kids, usually means I have to go to things by myself. In her infinite coolness, Cool Mum supports me going out because she wants to support my passions and not hear me complain all freaking night long. So, when I found out about The Lone Bellow’s album release show was going to be Feb. 5 in NYC, she kindly agreed when I wailed, “I have to go!” (Remember, we’re in Florida for the winter.) It was going to be a crowning moment for the band among their NYC family, and, surprise, I did NOT want to miss out. I might have already felt my toes burning a little.

Even with CM’s green light, I went back and forth on the decision. It seemed like an irresponsible thing to do. Roundtrip, the flights would be about $200. I’d be abandoning CM to the mercy of the Cool Bros for a couple of days. We’ve seen them play aplenty. I decided that I shouldn’t go.

But then a client meeting was scheduled in NYC the day of the show. And even better, I found out I had enough miles to cover one of the flights. I was Bellow-bound. In my excitement, I accidentally booked the free flight in reverse, NYC to Orlando. I suppressed the urge to roundhouse kick myself in the head after reading the confirmation email. Thankfully, JetBlue customer service saved me and my 5,800 TrueBlue points.

I was in NYC this Monday to Wednesday, and it was a whirlwind of catching up with friends, working at the New York Public Library, keeping my hands in the pockets of my fleece (don’t have my peacoat), killing my feet in low-profile All-Stars (don’t have my boots) and enjoying a life-giving night of music with friends.

In the end, the trip was worth it, and CM had good days with the boys, too. Perhaps someday I’ll get my FOMO under control, but every time I venture out in spite of distance or price, good memories are made and life is enriched. After all, you only live once.

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