Cool Newbie’s Commentary on Why I Shouldn’t Leave

When I was deciding whether to go to NYC, I asked Cool Newbie what he thought I should do.

CD: “Micah, should I leave?”
CN: “No.”

This was expected. I’m the family’s DJ for impromptu dance parties, and I provide valuable Lego building assistance. Unless I’m ending TV time or putting him into timeout, Newbie likes having me around. I explored his train of thought.

CD: “Why not?”
CN: “Because…you’re my daddy.”

I could’ve sworn someone was chopping onions. The way he said it – in his nasal, raspy voice – broke my heart. For him, it was simple: I’m his daddy; of course I shouldn’t go anywhere. Like, come on, Daddy…duh.

When my client meeting was scheduled in the city, the decision to go was easier. But I continue to ask him “Should I leave?” even if I’m not going anywhere. I just want to hear him say, “No…you’re my daddy,” a reminder of where I should be if ever I wonder.

One note on “Cool Newbie’s Commentary on Why I Shouldn’t Leave

  1. Alexandra

    It’s like when i ask my 1.5-year-old son “How you say “mama”?” And he pronounces it, and my heart melts all the time. Or the way he kisses me or hugs me, the best moments of parent’s life.


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