Happy Newish Year: We’re Quoted on the TODAY Show Website

Who wants to read a 3-week-old article about New Years resolutions? Well, what if I told you that we were featured with quotes on what our resolutions are? Okay…what if I Paypal you some money if you send me a screenshot of the article?

Well, I was joking about the Paypaling thing. (I’ve never used Paypal as a verb before. What an adventurous Monday!) But I was way serious about the Cool ‘Rents appearing in a fun article by Jacoba Urist on the TODAY Show website. In the article, Jacoba asked us about our individual resolutions for 2013. Read it here.

I admit that both of our resolutions have fallen flat only three weeks into the year. Maybe writing this blog post will be the kick in the pants I need to pick the resolution back up! Actually, no. This is the last sentence, and my pants remain unkicked.

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