Cool Mum and Cool Dad Pick Their Coolest Posts of 2012

I’ll admit it: 2012 was kind of a light year for the blog. Between me becoming a full-time freelancer, Cool Boy starting kindergarten homeschool, and our family moving twice, we had a hard time settling into a rhythm to post. So while some blogs might pick their top 10 posts of the year, we’re going to settle for 3 each from ’12.

Cool Mum’s Coolest 3 Posts from 2012

We Might Be the Luckiest People in the World. This post, from a February morning at 2am, explains one of the things that keeps us loving New York City.

Respect Your Elders: An Open Apology to the Previous Generations. In July, the scales fell from my eyes. Instead of looking back wishing to be young, I began looking forward to future coolness! After getting inspired by the older women in my life, I see it is possible to grow cooler with age. I keep checking my head for gray hair…I can’t wait!

Cool Mum’s Night at the Monastery. Later that month, I experienced some mom burn-out and fled to a monastery. Just for a night though!

Cool Dad’s Coolest 3 Posts from 2012

Baby Exercise: Cool Newbie Does Push-Ups. A 30-second video of a baby doing something funny, a.k.a. the reason for the existence of Internet video.

Are We Fitter Than Fifth Graders? Against the backdrop of Lower Manhattan, the Cool ‘Rents engaged in tests of physical and mental rigor to test their fitness and embarrass their families and children for years to come. I look back on this especially fondly because I haven’t worked out in about two months. Whoa, I used to be able to do 10 pull-ups…

Empty Threats That the Cool Parents Make. I’m sure I wrote deeper and funnier posts over the year, but I’m liking this one. It rings especially true right now as I go back and forth on how to direct Cool Newbie effectively.

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We hope there will be much more to choose from in 2013. Hey, it’s January 1st and we already have a post up. Good start!

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