A Birthday Poem for Cool Dad: If It Weren’t For You, I’d Be a Nun

My funny and cool and completely inspirational husband just had his birthday. Since I don’t have a good track record with baking things, I wrote a poem instead.

Happy Birthday, Cool Dad! I wrote this to tell the world how amazing you are!

If it weren’t for you
I’d be a nun
Wearing my hair
In a little bun

Who would’ve wanted
This foolish girl
Who had no direction
And an unruly curl

The day we met
I knew not my dreams
You showed me the way
By following yours, it seems

I clearly remember
The day you asked me mine
I said I didn’t know
I thought life was fine

A few years later
Stepped out of a cab
We had the same dream
That would require two to grab

He led us together
To at all costs chase love
We’ll do it together
Til we both go above

And if you went first
You know I would say
There is no one else
I will follow our way

One and only
Who took me in for worse or better
On this day you were born
And I will thank God forever!

2 notes on “A Birthday Poem for Cool Dad: If It Weren’t For You, I’d Be a Nun

  1. Nikki Alexander

    So cute!

    This reminds me of love languages.

    My top two love languages are gifts and acts of service. My husband’s are words of affirmation and touch. Ok, so for many years, he would write me lovely poems and lavish me with affirming words on my birthday – maybe throw in some daisies (fav flower). And on his birthday, I would always pick him up a cute new JCrew top or some trendy sunglasses. Each year, we kept missing each other – grateful for the thought but generally unimpressed with the other’s gifts.
    Thankfully, one year talked about it. He couldn’t care less about fun surprise purchases. And I had no need for love poems.

    It’s much better all these years later. But I am still not that good with gifting through words. I should start writing now for his November bday! LOL

    1. Cool Mum

      Great story. What about a serenade? That could be a form of words of affirmation, without having to come up with the actual words, right? =)


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