Weekend Photos: A Return to Gainesville

The Cool Fam got its start in Gainesville, FL when I met Cool Mum at the University of Florida. In the ten years that followed, we dated, got married, and had Cool Boy. And I spent many evenings, weekends, and summers on a stage cranking out Christian rock music with my band Six Days From Sunday.

Four years ago, our family moved to New York City with the hope of finding direction in our lives. But the places and people of Gainesville will always be part of us, and it was good to see them again this weekend.

The band, with our friend Rob filling in on drums, was set to lead worship at a church on Sunday, so we practiced on Friday evening.

After practice, the guys decided to get a new perspective on the church. With my fear of heights, I politely declined with a “No freaking way you’re getting me up there.”

I wanted to take Cool Boy to his first Gator game, but we’d have to buy tickets off the street. I was worried because I’d never done it before, but, as usual, all that concern was over nothing. We scored a pair of tickets for $5 each.

That night, the families of the various members of Six Days From Sunday got together. This isn’t even everyone as we’re missing the three drummers we’d had over the years. Not bad for a few dorky single guys who played “Trading My Sorrows” well into late 2000s.

Despite months without practicing, or even seeing each other, the band pulled off the church service seamlessly. I’ll admit it: By God’s grace, we’re good at what we do. After over a decade together, you’d hope so!

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  1. Shannon

    Thanks so much for blogging this! I’m so happy to see these pictures and would love to have been a fly on the wall (or an even more active participant) in any of those pictures. I hope Cool Boy and you enjoyed the game and the new parts of the stadium / campus.

    Go Gators!


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