We Were a Little Too Excited about Childcare

This past weekend, we attended a retreat in the Poconos with our church. We were excited about getting some time in the mountains (we’d never been to the Poconos) as well as bonding with our church family. We were also thrilled about Childcare.

Our church set up several sessions of Childcare so parents could attend sessions and meetings. We thought it was the coolest: drop the boys off with people we know and trust, and the boys play with their friends and a bunch of toys we’d never buy for them ourselves. It’s win-win, and we could not stop singing the praises of Childcare. And Jesus. 

Among funny people (from what I know of them from the Internet), there’s a sacred rule that states, “You Shall Not Use the Same Joke More Than Three Times in a Given Setting.” It’s a variation on the Law of Diminishing Returns and an equivalent to How Not to Be an Annoying Clod.

Unfortunately, we joked about Childcare until we beat it into the ground with a dead horse.

“Just holding on ’til the next Childcare!”

“One hour, 37 minutes, and 22 seconds ’til Childcare!”

“Is there always Childcare in the Poconos? We’re open to move!”

“Is Childcare over already?!”

“Praise God from whom all Childcare flows…”

And the like. We beat that joke into the ground with a dead horse so much that I started to feel bad – not so much for our friends, who were on the same page, but for our kids. Of course, we didn’t turn to Cool Boy and say, “We’re taking you to Childcare! HALLELUJAH!” I just didn’t like the spirit of our joking, which was essentially pining for the next moment we could leave our kids with someone else.

We confess that yucky attitude and want to turn away from it. We are SO thankful to have the Cool Bros. When someone is watching the boys, we want to be happy to have freedom to do different things, not to be happy to be away from our kids. We should remember that often, like beating it into the ground with a dead horse. (See, even three times can be too many if a joke is lame enough.)

2 notes on “We Were a Little Too Excited about Childcare

  1. Heather Grover

    Totally understand…I see it more that you guys were excited to have both groups getting to do something fun, separately :) Remember absence doees make the heart grow fonder 😉

  2. Liby

    Nothing wrong w/ that, you know and trust the people,the boys are happy to be with old and new friends so enjoy yourselves ! CB looks very happy just keep your cell phones well charge before going places and have fun !


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