We’re Hitting (and Eating at) BlogHer ’12!

Last fall, we got our first taste of being part of the BlogHer community when I attended the BlogHer Writers Conference. Being one of a couple of guys among 250 women wasn’t a big deal. We’ll see what size deal it is this weekend because I’m jumping in for the Whole EnchiladHer: BlogHer 2012 in New York City.

It’ll be me and a few other dudes joining the 4,000 women congregating in Midtown to celebrate blogging and life from a distinctively female perspective. On Friday, I’m going by myself to network and attend sessions to learn how to blog betHer. (That night, Cool Mum and I are slipping into New Jersey to see Coldplay.) 

On SatHerDay, CM and I will hit the conference, hoping to make an impact on the event like only the Cool Parents can do (ie. eat a disproportionate share of the Hilton’s delectable food spreads.)

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend evHer since the Writer’s Conference. The timing is perfect, because inspiration on this blog has been lagging for the past few months as my freelance workload has picked up. Getting the work has been a miracle as projects just fall into my lap, but they’ve occupied much of my writing time and creativity. I think this weekend will reenergize us – Red Bull for our RSS feed – an estrogen-loaded remindHer of how fun and rewarding blogging is.

If I can keep my act togetHer, I’ll keep you updated on my experiences at BlogHer ’12. And wouldn’t you just love to see us in a video like this?

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