Coldplay and CheeseburgHers: The Rest of Our BlogHer Weekend [photos, video]

Okay, let’s put a quick little bow on our recap of our weekend at BlogHer.


After a late Thursday night that may or may not have involved more reading of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when I should have been sleeping, I hit BlogHer early for breakfast. The sessions were good, and I met many a blogHer. This is what many a blogHer looks like on the way to the keynote lunch.

I didn’t attend the Friday night parties because CM and I had our own plans for the evening: an intimate night of music in New Jersey with Coldplay.

At the entrance, we were handed nifty bracelets to show our support for the band.

I missed on getting tickets when they first went on sale in December. These kind of seats were now going for around $300 each on sites like StubHub. By God’s grace, I stumbled upon an eBay auction that was selling them for face value.

And those nifty bracelets? They were also part of the light show.

Of course I had to film a little for you guys. Here’s their oldie-but-goodie, “In My Place.”


We didn’t have babysitting until lunchtime, so CM went alone to BlogHer in the morning. My heart was warmed when she texted me:

this is beyond fun!! omgosh!

We met up on the 42nd floor of the Hilton, where brands set up suites for promotions. Our favorite was the Hershey’s/Wal-Mart collaboration. They transformed the suite into a campsite, complete with camping gear and hibachis on which to make s’mores.

One suite promoted the Zac Efron film The Lucky One, and blogHers could pose with the dreamy Zac to recreate the movie poster. Instead, I made Zac look on in defeat while I was the lucky one to snag CM.

We had babysitting all night, and we were ready to party. CM made the most of the CheeseburgHer party, sponsored by McD’s.

And because we love you, video:

In all, a great time. We’re already making our plans for BlogHer ’13 in Chicago!

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