BlogHer Conference Carl: A Meme about Men Who Attend BlogHer

“So, what are you doing here? I wonder about the men who attend BlogHer.”

When a woman at the BlogHer Annual Conference asked me this, it confirmed my number one worry: women thinking that I’m hitting on them. That’s why I started off my conversations with “MY WIFE and I run a blog called ‘Are We Still Cool’…”

I talked to another guy blogger, and he felt the same way. We’re innocent, we’re harmless, we write blogs that appeal to women, and we’re NOT looking for love!

The situation is so amusing and awkward – a handful of men among 4,000 women bloggers – that I thought it was perfect for a meme. Hence, the birth of BlogHer Conference Carl, that guy at BlogHer who you’re sure is hitting on you – but not so much (featuring a number of inside jokes from the conference.)

Did you attend BlogHer? What did you think of men taking part?

10 notes on “BlogHer Conference Carl: A Meme about Men Who Attend BlogHer

  1. Maria D.

    Ha! That is hilarious, Cool Dad! The babysitting one was the best. 😀 Hope you had a good time at BlogHer!

  2. Jenn

    At first I was a bit suspicious of the men at the conference, I have to admit. But then I thought, “Hey, why not?” You definitely did not come off as creepy…although you never did find your “wife” in the S’mores suite…

    Those memes are awesome!

  3. Jenna

    My husband didn’t so much get accused of hitting on women — as much as he got hit ON. It was a very, very interesting experience. For the second year in a row. Very interesting.

    Also, I was confused at the few posts around the big bad web about how men “changed the atmosphere.” There were more men this year than last, but I didn’t see a shift in atmosphere at all.

    Anyway, these images? Hilarious. You win.

    1. Cool Dad Post author

      Hmm, I didn’t get hit on. :( I’ll be sure to get some Drakkar Noir before BlogHer ’13.

      I’m curious to check out some of these posts about the atmosphere-changing men!

  4. Nate

    I was going to ask you what it was like to be a guy at BlogHer, but fortunately I saw this post before I did. Nice work! Testosterone levels back to normal?


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