The Weird Things I Say When Someone Tells Me ‘Thank You’

I’ve tried to teach the Cool Bros well. When someone does something nice for you, you say Thank you. When someone tells you Thank you, you say You’re welcome. I need to practice what I preach.

A friend posted this on Twitter:

I am guilty beyond measure. When someone thanks me, I’ll spit out a No problem! or a Sure thing! I might even lame out with a You bet! but rarely a simple and appropriate You’re welcome.

I think this condition started because of my band, Six Days From Sunday. We led music at various churches, camps, youth retreats, college retreats, and pet retreats across the country. When leading music, we guided the audience to think about and honor God, not to entertain. The thought of entertaining the crowd was actually a bad thing, that we were distracting people from focusing on God.

So, when people would thank us for playing, my kneejerk reaction was to deflect the praise. I couldn’t say a simple You’re welcome because that implied that it was all about me and the work I did instead of being all about God.

When presented with a Thank you! I’d receive it with astonishment like Taylor Swift accepting a CMA. Recovering from the shock, I’d manage a volley (Oh, thank YOU!) or divine deflection (Thank the Lord!) or at most a humble reception (We’re blessed to do it!) I’m not worried that I was being disingenuous; I really meant it. I just didn’t have the emotional confidence to simply accept someone’s sincere appreciation.

I noticed this habit a couple of weeks ago after the band led music at a church in Philadelphia. As the thanks rolled in, I batted them heavenward, but I recognized this awkwardness. What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I say You’re welcome and then talk about how thankful I was to be there or how God deserves the ultimate thanks? I’m glad that Mr. Allen tweeted the message above, because it confirmed something I should work on.

Maybe this isn’t really a big deal. Or maybe I should immediately bounce it off to God. Either way, I hope this got you thinking about you how you handle praise. If it did – no problem!

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