Happy Birthday: Cool Newbie is Two!!

Today, our Cool Newbie is two years old! I’m so happy for our sweet boy, though I confess to feeling a tiny pang of sadness. Our baby is a little boy now. (But he’ll still be our baby for many years to come.)

Cool Newbie (Micah, for any newbies out there) was born at Mount Sinai hospital in Manhattan, and I’m sure he was thrilled about the New York, NY that would appear on his birth certificate. (We were.) He came home to a spacious two-bedroom duplex on 89th Street on the Upper East Side – with a backyard! – but it was smaller than it seemed. 

We shared the place with two roommates, which meant that the Cool Fam of four crammed into one 8’x8′ bedroom at night. Cool Mum and I were on the loft bed, Cool Boy slept on a futon underneath, and Newbie wriggled in a secondhand bassinet that I rolled a few blocks down 89th Street. Thinking back on those days gives me goosebumps and a fit of claustrophobia. The things we did to live in Manhattan…but our days there were numbered.

After two months and countless times that I told our roommates “Shh…” as soon as they walked through the door, we made a break for a bigger place. To afford two bedrooms, we moved up, up, up and away from Manhattan, all the way to the top of the Bronx. And a year and a half later, we’re still here!

Cool Newbie was a serious infant, and we wondered if it was due to his cramped living quarters. Between us, his roomies, and our friends, he had no shortage of smiling faces around him. But maybe he picked up on our rising stress levels. Now, he’s a vivacious little boy, who can still pack an icy scowl, but more often laughs, shouts, and chases Cool Boy around.

We are SO thankful for our Cool Newbie! He’s everything we ever wanted in a second little guy.

Yes, he ate the whole thing.

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