Depressing Passwords Leaked from LinkedIn (and One Awesome One)

You probably heard that LinkedIn was hacked the other day, and 6.5 million passwords were stolen and posted online. Sites like soon popped up where users could check if their password was compromised.

Well, BuzzFeed decided to use LeakedIn to peek inside the heads of LinkedIn users. They tried the most depressing phrases they could think of, ones that would be chosen only by people who were downright miserable with their job – and life. They published their findings in a post called “23 Leaked LinkedIn Passwords That Will Ruin Your Day.”

Some of the sad passwords that they found include

Imagining the mental states of those users can certainly ruin your day. But there must have been a mistake with one of the passwords. I’m excited for the happy-go-lucky bloke who used it. What could possibly be depressing about it? Unless BuzzFeed was insinuating something…

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