We Want a Huge Family!

20120413-134437.jpgYes, Cool Readers, we want a huge family and we want it as soon as possible! My Lent break from the usual Facebook and email activity left me with some pretty clear perspectives on this.

Check out my Post-Lent Rant:

  • I’m sick of letting 80% of my conversations come through Facebook and email.
  • I’m sick of looking to the iPad to sing songs with me and speak truth over my life.
  • I’m sick of praying by myself too much as if my relationship with God has nothing to do with others.
  • I’m sick of learning and hearing stories from books or online rather than in person.
  • I’m sick of pretending I can do everything myself.
  • I’m sick of being thought of only in the roles of wife and mother.
  • I’m sick of letting my interior thoughts become a god.
  • I’m sick of being a cold, uncompassionate person who never cries.

Now, before you ship us off to Babies “R” Us for the jumbo pack of diapers, let me clarify what we mean by having a huge family around.

Life is short, and we’re not leaning in the direction of more Cool Babies right now. We also feel that we are supposed to stay where we are.

So, the fastest way we can see to get a humungous family is to invite friends/family to move closer, get to know more neighbors, and get some Cool Roomies again. There are way too many blessings in here to just keep within the four members of this family!

3 notes on “We Want a Huge Family!

  1. Daisy

    I survived my Facebook fast too and I realised that I was hung up on what other people thought of me and I got too mad when I saw something I didn’t like which was of no consequence in the real world! I have changed my priorities too and I definitely need to focus on my personal relationship with my Saviour more!

  2. Danielle

    Love this! I agree so much! I had been a hermit and kept other’s at a distance until this past year. Yes, having more relationships and letting people in has caused some heart ache but at the same time it has been so rewarding. I need people and I have a lot I want to share with others…so I’m diving in as well!

  3. Nikki


    We moved to Alabama a year(ish) ago and I began homeschooling my 3 children – 10,8,6. We are all about community. Yet, we were so busy juggling jobs and kids that I decided to stay home for the first time EVER.
    It has been amazing, and also extremely lonely at times. I love hanging out with my children, but it has taken us this entire year to find other families who desire community like we do. It is starting though. We now have about 4 fams we have been pursuing. And now, I believe we have some really sweet years ahead of us.


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