Cool Dad’s Valiant First Try at the Wonderwash [video]

wonderwash-new-york-parenting-blogWhile Cool Mum roamed Manhattan for her birthday, I wanted to bless her with another gift at home: doing the laundry.

At first I told CM that I would go to the laundromat with the Cool Bros to knock it all out. When I got home, I looked at the two huge bags of dirty clothes, then at Cool Boy, then at Cool Newbie, then at the 1.5 flights of stairs, back at Cool Boy, then Newbie, then at the clock to see if it was time for CM to come home yet.

The task of hauling all of that laundry and All My Children downstairs and a couple of blocks down the street didn’t look so promising. I turned to our old friend, the Wonderwash. It’s the thought that counts, right?

Fortunately, I wasn’t washing any of CM’s favorite light-colored pieces. But if you see CB wearing light blue socks in a video, think of them as CM’s birthday present from me.

2 notes on “Cool Dad’s Valiant First Try at the Wonderwash [video]

  1. paulina

    HI!!!!! I loved your video about the wonder wash and I would like to get one for my self, could you please tell me where did you buy it ?? did it come with all the things to hang the clothes????
    thank you!!




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