What Cool Mum Gave Up for Lent: Facebook…and Email?!

I’ve been celebrating Lent for six days. Six crazy days. After looking at the places where I had been using my time and mental space, I realized there were two GOOD things I could replace with better things during Lent: Facebook and email!

Spontaneously on Tuesday night, I deactivated my Facebook account temporarily and turned on the vacation responder for my emails. Freedom! I am a huge fan of both forms of communication, as I believe they can give us a sense of community in the midst of a busy world where people don’t have time to see each other in person. 

For me, it is a taste of heaven to connect with a diverse group of people I knew anywhere from preschool to the present and be able to exchange words of truth and encouragement. However, I noticed that I could get caught up in this and miss some moments right around me in person.

While Cool Dad checks my email for me, I have replaced the email/Facebook time so far with:

  • Writing
  • Pondering life with God and putting those points of inspiration into action
  • Going to Tribeca for four hours of 90s music and dancing with girl friends until 3am
  • Setting aside mutiple times a day to give my undivided attention to my indescribable Savior, then my irresistibly cool husband, and then my adorable children
  • Hanging out with neighborhood friends
  • Taking in some Vivian Maier photography in Chelsea
  • Cooking up a gluten-free feast from scratch (though I have always been culinarily challenged) for 12 friends. Free range garlic chicken, fresh butternut squash and thyme, Larabar-ish pecan pie treats, coconut milk banana shakes. This is not me!

I understand that this doesn’t fit the traditional idea of Lent, and I certainly want to give proper reverence where it is due. Lent gives me time to acknowledge that “I’m nothing on my own” (thanks, Chris Martin!) while also remembering the unbelievable grace that is offered to all of us. This should result in extreme celebration even now!

Stealing from a Richard Rohr quote, the idea of freedom often turns into “having to do what you want to do” instead of what it really is– “wanting to do what you have to do.”

2 notes on “What Cool Mum Gave Up for Lent: Facebook…and Email?!

  1. Edith

    Hi Laura!

    Ironically, I just emailed you wondering what happened to your Facebook? Ha! (This of course coming from the one person who did not do facebook for a bijillion years!) In all seriousness, this is wonderful, and you have my support. Love you and chat with you soon! -EVB


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