We Had a Cool Christmas [video]

We’re pulling our traditional double duty in Florida right now, enjoying quality family time in the warm weather. Over the last few days, we doubled our caloric intake in case a freak blizzard snowed us under at home. Or maybe it was because there are 154 times as many Chick fil-As in the state of Florida (154) as there are in New York (1).

We essentially completed our shopping before Christmas Eve, which means, of course, on the 23rd. The Cool Bros made out quite well this year, “spoiled” you might say, though I prefer the term “materially blessed.” I could say the same for Cool Mum and me.

Here’s Cool Newbie rocking his favorite gift, a Disney toy electric guitar.

I wonder where he gets it from.

How was your Christmas?

4 notes on “We Had a Cool Christmas [video]

  1. maricor

    Hello to the COOL Family!!!!!( Eric,Laura,Noah and Micca)
    HaPpY haPPy NeW YeAR to all that was aweeeeesome. now i beleived in you that you really RoCkz… and to Ate Lebby and Mericef Happy warm new year too to both of you….muah!!!



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