The Night We Didn’t Sleep, and We Liked It! [photos, video]

Thanks to a Cool Grandmum and Aunt staying with us, we got to leave the kids at home to sleep while we took Manhattan by storm! We’ve lived in NYC for over three years, but I’m sure we looked like tourists Friday night on the hard-partying streets of the Lower East Side and Alphabet City.

I am still pinching myself – definitely a John 10:10 kind of night. Never have I stayed out on the town this late, even before kids! And it wasn’t even fueled by alcohol since we don’t drink. [-5 cool points or +5 cool points, depending on whom you ask]

The night went like this:

7:00 PM – Put the boys to bed and drove down, leaving the family to pray that Newbie doesn’t wake up enjoy a relaxing night at the Cool Home.

8:00PM – We met our cool friend Naoko at Cafe Rakka, a local favorite Middle Eastern place, and scarfed down a falafel-hummus-grape leaf dinner combo. We also struck up a conversation with a cool young guy having dinner on his own. He works in advertising and grew up in Tribeca with Robert DeNiro as a neighbor. He was nice enough to take our picture, too.

9:30PM – We had some time before the show, so we picked a light (for us) dessert: a Brownie Sundae with two scoops of mint chip ice cream, chocolate sauce, and coconut whipped cream at Lula’s Sweet Apothecary.

10:00PM – We lined up outside of Mercury Lounge for the show, which was a birthday party for Travis Meyer (whom we actually don’t know). Cool Dad got the invite because he follows the two bands who played, The Last Royals and Zach Williams and The Bellow. Both bands are basically made up from our church community, so it was like a big family took over the club for a night of pure joy and passion for music.

The Last Royals did a fun cover of The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me” with guests Jason and Kanene Pipkin (keys and vocals) and Zach Williams (vocals).

Zach Williams and The Bellow opened with “You Can Be All Kinds of Emotional.”

1:30AM – After the show, a DJ started spinning, and The Cool ‘Rents started (clumsily) dancing.

3:00AM – On the way back to the car, post-dancing munchies hit, so we stopped for the obvious light (for us) snack: Philly cheese steak at Philly’s Cheese Steak.

4:30AM – We finally got home, just in time for Cool Newbie to wake up for the day.

I feel like I’m still catching up on sleep, but this record late night out was totally worth it! [+15 cool points]

Oh, and thanks, Travis – we hope to meet you someday!

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