The Most Random Run-In with an AWSC? Reader

There are 8 million people in New York City, which makes this stuff boggle my simple mind. My mom and aunt are visiting this week, and while chillin’ in Central Park yesterday, Cool Grandmum struck up a conversation with a woman nearby. CG talked about why she’s visiting the city, which of course led to a discussion on little ol’ me.

Mom mentioned in passing that I write a blog. What blog? It’s called ‘Are We Still Cool?’ The woman proceeds to freak out a little. It turns out that she’s an AWSC reader! She found us while searching Google for an apartment.

I met up with the group briefly, and it was surreal talking about specific posts and stories with someone I’d never met. Most of my friends don’t even follow the blog. I’ll admit that it was nice validation, seeing that people are out there, reading and remembering my half-asleep ramblings (just like this one! *yawn*).

Have you ever randomly met a fan of your blog?

2 notes on “The Most Random Run-In with an AWSC? Reader

  1. Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect

    This summer I was in the middle of a huge, smelly crowd at the Iowa State Fair. (In fairness, the crowd wasn’t the smelly part. The nearby farm animals were. Mostly.) A girl walked up and said, “Oh! Hi! Mary?” Turns out she actually recognized my daughter, not me, since I post pics of her WAY more than pics of me. It was a little awkward but also pretty cool. Because yes, for a minute there, I felt a little famous. :)


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