Checking Our Cool: Cool Points are Back!

There’s something new on the blog that at the same time is something old. You probably haven’t noticed it since it was added last week or so. I’m talking about the “new” item in the middle of the menu bar that says ‘COOL POINTS.’

Long ago, when the blog was young and I was a doe-eyed dreamer at the tender age of 30, we had a fun way of keeping track of our coolness using Cool Points (that we either added/subtracted ourselves, or someone gave to us in the comments). We actually kept a detailed tally of our Cool Points, just like balancing a checkbook, except that one is a crucial life skill and the other a sign of neurotic self-obsession.

When life got busy, we stopped tracking Cool Points. We still awarded or docked ourselves points, but we didn’t bother updating the total, which stinks because our Cool Point Total is the closest thing that we have to an answer to the name of our blog.

The other weekend, I buckled down and updated our CPT, which you can see at the bottom of the spreadsheet on the Cool Points page. Right now, we’re on thin ice with only 3 Cool Points, putting us in the ‘a little cool’ ranking. We have some work to do!


You’ll never guess what Cool Boy dressed up as for trick-or-treating! That’s ’cause he didn’t dress up as anything. Rather, we didn’t take the time to pull together a costume and go all walking and stuff in the cold. Is it really a surprise we that didn’t take him out for free candy when he have him brainwashed convinced that ice cream and other sweets are “yucky”?

And we truly are wienies when it comes to the ‘Ween. No costumes or parties for the Cool ‘Rents, either. [-10 points]


In an effort to balance out our uncool Halloween, last night was date night! A friend watched the boys, and we went to see Zach Williams and The Bellow play their addictive brand of folk-country-rock at Rockwood Music Hall on the Lower East Side. [+5 cool points] Another cool thing was that the show was in honor of our friend Sunday Ibok.

Zach is a singer/songwriter and a worship leader at our church, and The Bellow is the mega-talented seven-member band that backs him up. They’re skilled, passionate, earnest, and just a lot of fun. They’re gonna be big, and we loved seeing them cram onto a small stage and the rock the place in their own special way.

Then we stuffed ourselves at Vanessa’s Dumpling House for under $10. Cheap is cool. [+2 cool points]


So a net change of -3 Cool Points leaves us at 0 Total Cool Points, for a rank of “Whatever.”

That’s not cool. But I guess that’s the point.

2 notes on “Checking Our Cool: Cool Points are Back!

  1. RaquelTWG

    Does this mean we can start giving cool points again?!

    P.S. I know this has been a seemingly hopeless dream for years now, but it’d be awesome to bring back the Cool Chat, at least once just for kickcs (:


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