2011 BlogHer Writers Conference: I Am So There

photo: BlogHer

Big plans tonight: I’m hitting Ladies Night at a bar in Midtown! Bigger plans tomorrow: Attending my first writing conference!! And yes, these two shindigs are related.

I’m taking leave of my cozy home office to attend the BlogHer Writers Conference, which kicks off with tonight’s networking reception and continues with a full day of speakers and mentoring groups tomorrow.  When I first got the email about the conference, my razor-sharp deductive skills figured that it would be largely female-focused, so I kind of dismissed it.

However, as I read on, I was intrigued by the content of the conference, including

  • Writing a book from a blog
  • Mentoring groups on a number of topics (the memoir group particularly caught my eye)
  • Marketing your book
  • The different paths taken by three successful authors

And I’ve always wanted to go to a bloggers meetup, where I could make my favorite jokes about comment moderation without the awkward silences. (“What did my blog to say to the irrelevant comment with the suspicious URL? ‘I don’t think we’ve Akis-met…DELETED!‘”)

It made sense for me to sign up; I wanted to learn about everything that was being covered. Whatever book comes out of this blog will appeal nicely to a female audience. And I wanted to network with my fellow denizens of the blogosphere. But I was still worried that the event would be too gender-specific. When BlogHer replied to my email and said that it wouldn’t, I was sold.

And they said that another male BlogHer member was registered, so that makes at least two of us dudes. I’ll be sure to seek him out if I’m overcome with the need to talk about…well, I know nothing of manly topics like car repair or fantasy football. What it’s like to have a Y chromosome?

Either way, I’m excited about the conference. Several people, even ones who don’t live in this apartment, have encouraged me on my writing lately, so this could be a great push in putting my life and thoughts on paper.

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