We’re Cuckoo for Coconut Milk

Look out, Cool Mum! There’s a new CM in the house, and I think it’s pretty cool, too – best when ice cold, actually. I’m ramblin’ on about Trader Joe’s Coconut Milk.

Honestly, it’s CM’s fault, too: She introduced me to the stuff. CM recently picked up some CM instead of our usual almond milk. Almond milk doesn’t sit well with me, which was a letdown because I thought that I’d finally found a milk that I could drink without lactose and stomach issues coming up. I found out the hard way that I was wrong.

But coconut milk is a different story. I’ve had tall glasses of CM and put it in my cereal, and my stomach was completely fine. This may be the worry-free milk product that I’ve been looking for. Naturally, I constantly point out to CM why I think that is: I’m Filipino and coconuts are in my blood. My genetic code is programmed to drink the milk of the coconut.

Here’s the coconut milk in a baby bowl of my favorite new cereal, Trader Joe’s Maple Brown Sugar Shredded Wheats. This treat can work for breakfast or a quick snack like around 11:00pm to fuel a quick blog post. Or both.

This post is part of Works for Me Wednesday.

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