The iPad 2 and Kids: How It Scared Cool Baby Out of His Mind

So, we got an iPad 2. I know, I know…

  1. It’s a luxury item. What purpose does it serve between our smartphone and laptop?
  2. It’s an Apple product, and, hence, not cheap.
  3. Did I already ask what purpose it really serves?

I decided to get it for three main reasons:

  1. It would be a handy way to present slideshows or my portfolio to potential clients.
  2. It’s a unique tool that Cool Mum could use in her homeschool lessons with our kids.
  3. It would make for easier news consumption and reading.

Well, CM has been using it mostly, especially since our little PC netbook succumbed to a nasty Windows XP bug that came out a few weeks ago. It’s a beautiful device that works great, but there’s some frustration over the lack of obvious printing capability and limitations of what you can do on certain websites (especially ones with Flash, of course).

I’ve enjoyed reading on the iPad, and it came in handy when we needed to distract CB at a restaurant (as prophesied earlier on this blog). CM was afraid of “her reputation (of being a healthy eater) being ruined” in CB’s mind. And she resorted to under-the-table dealings to maintain her rep. Literally.

So, despite some shortcomings, the iPad was serving admirably. Until CM told this story in an email thread with some friends about, conveniently, how the iPad can help with kids. CM said:

I heard a frightened scream coming from Noah’s room. I had let him watch YouTube Spanish learning video for kids. Found him hiding under his table in fear. Looked at the iPad…

Did I mention the iPad’s good for reading news?

This post is part of Works for Me Wednesday.

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