The AWSC? IPO: How Much is This Blog Worth?

New York Stock Exchange trading floorI don’t know if you follow social media, but we’re in the midst of an Internet boom. In May, LinkedIn had their IPO (initial public offering, where a company sells shares to the public for the first time), and the value of the site settled in at $7 BILLION. Its founder, Reid Hoffman, now has a cool ~$1.5 billion to his name.

The hot new IPOs around the corner are Groupon, the dominant daily deals site, and Zynga, the maker of popular Facebook games FarmVille and CityVille, each valued around $20 billion. And the doozy is coming later this year: Facebook, valued at $85 billion, possibly reaching $100 billion when it goes public this fall!

Of course, I’m watching all of this thinking:

We need to devote time and energy into this blog, growing our devoted audience through meaningful connections and entertaining content, hence lifting its financial worth, and, more importantly, its inspirational value.

But then I realized, things are booming NOW. Strike while the iron’s hot! Location, location, location! Sell, sell, SELL!

So, I’ve been slaving for at least 5 minutes to get an estimate of the riches we’ll amass by taking our blog public. Unfortunately, the phone rep at Goldman Sachs had never heard of Are We Still Cool?, and Warren Buffett has blocked me on AIM, so it was up to me to find out how much we’re worth.

The first place I checked was the reputable-sounding Site Value Calculator. After entering ‘’ into the search box and spending the next 0.72 seconds in frenzied anticipation, I got my answer:

Hmm, not the fortune I was expecting. I see the note that the $218 does NOT include the worth of the company. I appreciate the encouragement, Site Value Calculator, but our “company” IS the website.

Well, this monumental decision shouldn’t be based on just one metric, so I checked to see how much our actual domain name was worth. was sold for $16 million in 2009, so there’s big money in a good domain name. I used, which is a pretty spiffy domain name in itself. Their opinion of our beloved moniker:

Ok then. Our domain name, which we’re often told is ‘cute’ and ‘funny’, is worth nothing. And apparently, thinks the blog should be named Are West Ill Cool.

I tested out one more time just to get some further insight into their thinking:

Well, look who feels all high and mighty with their $15,000 appraisal. They could turn their domain around and score a sweet 2001 Mustang convertible. We could turn around and, at most, see what’s behind us.

So much for my latest get-rich-quick scheme. We don’t care what those websites think anyway. All that matters is the opinion of our devoted audience, which we hope will increase exponentially in the next couple of days.

How much do YOU think our blog is worth?

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