First Time Cooking a Whole Chicken — A Spiritual Experience!

crockpot whole chicken

The Cool Grandmums are going to be so proud. I purchased a whole chicken at Trader Joe’s (organic, free-range of course) instead of the bag of frozen chicken breasts yesterday!

This is part of my quest to eat foods that are closer to their natural state. Right now it’s cooking away in crockpot so that I can run into the kitchen at dinner time, eat, and get the heck out of there. (Did I mention our kitchen is not air-conditioned? And that yesterday it was over 100 degrees in there? And how much do we pay in rent again?)

Just like probably 99% of girls I know, I have always been disgusted by the thought of handling a big raw chicken with its movable wings and scary bag of organs inside. I decided to face my fears head-on today!

As I rinsed Chicken in the sink, I realized that it might be good for me to be grossed-out about meat sometimes. It’s uncomfortable to think about what has to happen in order for us to eat meat for dinner (I read this somewhere).  Then I got all philosophical, remembering that Chicken had to die so that my family could have all kinds of good nutrients in our bodies. That train of thought led me to start thinking about Jesus and the uncomfortableness surrounding what he did, as I stood there holding that chicken. I’ve never had that experience cooking beans or vegetables.

So yes, even though I would be really happy to live on beans and rice and not have to deal with the bones and death of animals, I don’t feel it’s the most physically and spiritually satisfying route for our family right now. (I bet I’m earning some cool points with Cool Dad too!) Thank you, God, for meat!

Next up: chicken stock? chicken liver pate? I’ve gotta make use of all these parts!

3 notes on “First Time Cooking a Whole Chicken — A Spiritual Experience!

  1. Elizabeth

    This IS a big deal Laura! Especially when I remember how in college you didn’t even enjoy touching raw chicken at all… boneless or not. I had never bought and cooked a whole chicken either until about a year ago when I realized how much cheaper it was than buying chicken breasts. Until now I’ve only baked it in the oven or boiled it on the stove with veggies (saving the stock for soup) and shredding the whole chicken to be used in recipes. Your post encourages me to try cooking it in a crock pot though! Thanks!
    p.s. Each time I’ve cooked a whole chicken, it gets easier to touch / pull apart / debone / etc. – though it still grosses me out a bit.

  2. Liby

    Nicely said Elizabeth ,in my childhood I enjoyed going to the
    market with the live-in help chickens are selected in a coup
    and have diff. ways to kill for dinner ,talking about gross sometimes I can stomach watching coz I wanna learn I felt sad but in order for us to eat we need to be strong same goes to pigs my grandparents raised pigs and chickens for food they once told me at least we know what they’ve been
    feed.Glad to know you’re overcoming your fear.Proud of you GUYS !!!!


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