Can We Move into Your $50,000 Playhouse?

photo: Megan Thompson Lovoi for The New York Times

When I think of a ‘playhouse’, I envision a primary-colored plastic abode that fits snugly in a kid’s bedroom or occupies an unused corner of the living room. Apparently, I need to think bigger.

The New York Times looked at the playhouse industry and found that despite a sluggish economy, business is good. DIYers can get playhouse kits for anywhere between a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. But the real fun is looking at how the wealthy are erecting mini-mansions for their mini-mes. 

Take, for example, a $50,000 playhouse built two years ago for a now-four-year-old in Houston. When you look at the amenities, we could almost live there!

  • Two-story 170-square-foot playhouse – the Cool Studio was 200 square feet. Granted, we have two kids now, but I could see a bunk bed system in play. After all, the ceilings are eight feet tall.
  • Furnishings scaled down to two-thirds of normal size – I’m 5’5 on a lucky day, CM is 5’4, and the Cool Boys won’t be towering over anyone anytime soon.
  • Hardwood floors – which probably creak a lot less often than ours do.
  • Matching stainless-steel mini fridge and freezer – which probably hum and roar a lot less often than ours do.
  • A sitting area with a child-size sofa and chairs for watching DVDs on the 32-inch flat-screen TV – the kid’s TV is probably wall-mounted. Ours stands on a canvas-covered computer desk. Our DVD player quit on us a few months ago, too.

Okay, I amend my previous point: we could TOTALLY live there!

If you’re insanely rich with a massive playhouse in your backyard and grown kids who are about to move out – or spoiled little kids who are bored with their play palace – lemme know!

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