I Could’ve Taken a Photo with Matt Damon But Didn’t

Last night, I attended the annual benefit gala for the American Institute for Stuttering (AIS), the non-profit that I worked for. This was gala #3 for me. Here are a couple of photos from the first one:


Emily Blunt was honored at that gala for her accomplishments after growing up with a debilitating stutter. Her then-kinda-under-wraps beau John Krasinski attended, and we sideswiped him for a pic as he headed to the sushi table.

From the second gala:


Emily was now an active member of the Board of Directors of AIS, and her relationship with John was not so secret. Actually, they were engaged and got married the following month. Another thing that was not so secret was Cool Newbie incubating in Cool Mum’s tummy. He was born 5 days later, thus cementing CM’s status as Rockstar Trouper of the Universe.

And from last night:


CM decided that getting a babysitter and lousing up the kids’ sleep schedules (with Newbie starting to teethe) wasn’t a good idea, so I attended alone and took my annual photo with Emily. But first I showed her a devastatingly cute pic of the boys on my phone.

About Matt Damon: Emily invited her co-star from The Adjustment Bureau to the event, and he came with his wife Luciana. I was talking with Emily by their table and noticed that the Damons didn’t have anyone with them at the moment. I had the perfect chance to cut in, introduce myself, and snap a photo, but I passed.

I didn’t want to disturb their moment of peace. But moreso I didn’t want to break off from Emily because I enjoyed reconnecting with her. I appreciate how she pours herself into this organization that I ardently support and believe in. She remembers CM and me, and I wanted to invest in that ‘friendship’ (as much as people who talk briefly once a year can have a friendship) even for just a couple of minutes.

The night was fantastic as always, starting off with a rooftop reception, followed by dinner and speeches from the night’s honorees and clients of AIS. I had a great time catching up with people from around the organization. They’re dedicated to an exceedingly worthy cause that, no matter where we end up, will always be a part of me!

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  1. mrs. moo

    emily and jim are two of my favorite actors! how super cool! :) but they’ve got nothing on you and cool mom! she looks hot in those pics! you clean up nicely, too. :)


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