Wonderwash Review Update: Results of the 8-Week Challenge!

WonderwashToday is the final day of our self-imposed 8-Week Wonderwash Challenge!

When the Wonderwash arrived, we decided to use it exclusively for 8 weeks so that it would pay for itself. Things were running quite smoothly after Week 3 when I last updated our readers.

Week 4 and Week 5 were pleasantly uneventful. I must admit though, we fell off the Wonderwash wagon big time during Week 6 and Week 7 (covering face in shame).

Week 6 was my birthday. And in my mind, I deserved a break from the Wonderwash. Instead of spending my few child-free seconds of the day cranking a handle and wringing out clothes, I decided to do something crazy. I washed my hair!

And then Cool Newbie got an upset stomach, which caused a pile of poopy PJs. And then one night, Cool Baby’s bladder let loose in his sleep. It got to the point where even if we did 5 Wonderwash loads, that pesky damp laundry would overtake every door and doorknob in the apartment.

Cool Dad did $18 worth of laundromat laundry as a birthday present to me during Week 6. Thanks, Cool Dad! And when the blowouts ended last week, I spent another $7 at the laundromat while trying to hide Cool Baby’s eyes from the violent Spanish soap operas people were watching. This week, Week 8, we were back on and hope to keep it up!

My final thoughts on the Wonderwash: It’s a water-conserving, time-saving alternative to the laundromat. I had no problems using the machine and will continue to use it.

My biggest problems came during the drying process:

1. If the bathroom window isn’t open while hang-drying, the clothes get a slight mildew smell. Yuck.
2. Sometimes the clothes feel stiff until we throw them up into the air to fluff them.
3. Even though the drying rack full of clothes can be moved out of the shower and back in again easily, it still kinda stinks to have that valuable tub/shower space taken up.
4. Big or thick items like sheets and comforters aren’t easy to dry (duh).

And the biggest problem of all….


Whew, I feel better now.

11 notes on “Wonderwash Review Update: Results of the 8-Week Challenge!

    1. Eze

      When I first used (a linke new second hand) WonderWash, immediately the joint at the side of the hand crank broke. It could not be repared. Especially for preppers having such a machine in stock for years for an emergency situation, such a lousy quality is absolutely killing! These kind of products should not be made out of plastic, but as my grandmother had a durable iron made hand washer. The WonderWash has a lousy quality and should be named WonderWaste (of money)!

  1. Maria D. @ Downright Domesticity

    Wow! Congrats for sticking with it! I don’t blame you for taking all that extra laundry to the laundromat, though. Do you think you’ll still use the Wonderwash as a primary way to wash, or will that be more of a back-up machine?
    P.S. I got such a cute mental picture of everyone throwing all the clothes in the air for fluffing. LOL.

    1. Cool Mum Post author

      crazily, I’m still using the wonderwash as a primary way to do the laundry, with the laundromat being the backup plan if things accumulate out of control. glad you liked the fluffing description–by that point in the process I’m so glad all the work is done!

  2. Craig

    Great review posts on the Wonderwash. I am considering buying the Wonder Wash myself. About the drying process…I’m not sure you mentioned it before…a bunch of people on amazon bought the laundry alternative mini countertop spin dryer (1600 rpm) or the larger one (3200 rpm) with good results. It spin dries the clothes without heat but uses electricity(so not super green) but it does dries the clothes significantly so that hang drying time is shorten. I also noticed elsewhere that some people use salad spinner with good results. Some people are able to find those large commercial salad spinners (2.5 or 5 gallons) and spin dry the clothes in that. It might not be quite as fast as those electric powered ones but quite effective. Maybe that can help the drying problem (it would eliminate hand wringing and speed up the whole drying process) and make things less mildew-y. Plus if clothes are just a little damp maybe and not sopping wet, you would be able to hang clothes elsewhere and not necessarily in the bath tub.

    1. Cool Mum Post author

      yes! for this to continue long-term, we’d definitely need to invest in one of those things. i’m still in the trial stage to figure out if investing more money is worth it. plus, cool dad admitted to me that he doesn’t mind the hand wringing (!) so sometimes i ask him to do it. =)

  3. Morgan

    I found your blog while searching for info on troubleshooting the Wonderwash. I just got one for our family and have done 3 loads in it so far, using Charlie’s Soap. That stuff is weird–you only need 1 tiny scoop for a regular sized load of laundry; I have no idea how to scale it back for the Wonderwash so it’ll be trial and error for a few more loads. The clothes wringing has already lost its novelty for me but I hadn’t thought of stomping. Fortunately I went ahead and splurged on the 1600 rpm mini spin dryer that Craig posted about. Tomorrow I think I’ll set that up and give it a whirl, haha! Anyway, thanks for the review :o). Happy washing!

  4. Steff

    I did a Google search of Wonder Was tips and came across your awesome blog! I’m new to the Wonder Wash but have done about 10 loads and love it. My husband and I also live in a tiny apartment and will be getting pregnant soon, and since I want to do cloth diapers I did a little research and came across the Wonder Wash. I decided to do it for our regular laundry as well and knew I wouldn’t want to wring everything out (especially thinck cloth diapers) so I ended up buying this electric spinner: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002GEDBIG/ref=fb_lfb_prodpg_0
    I’ve got to say that it’s AMAZING! For the first few days that I had the Wonder Wash I didn’t have the spinner yet and was just using my hands to wring it and my goodness, my lower arms were burning from so much work! haha The spinner gets things almost dry, and I just have to hang my shirts for 10-20 minutes, depending on the fabric, as opposed to the many hours from hand wringing. Pants take longer, but I don’t wash pants too often anyways so I don’t worry too much about that. Also I found it easiest to just hand all my shirts with a hanger and put it on the shower rod! When I hung it on my drying rack they took longer and it uses a lot less space.

    Anyways, now that I’ve written a book…thanks! I enjoyed your review of this!

  5. Claudia

    Do you still use the Wonder Wash when you have large amounts of laundry to do? I wash two ten pound loads of laundry in my apartment building’s laundry room once a week. I’m curious if the Wonder Wash would still be an option with that many clothes or if it would take too long. How do you find it is with stains? Also, how does it do with jeans, towels and bedding?


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