If You Could Only Have One: Dishwasher or Washer/Dryer?


It’s strange to think that our two main struggles in this modest two-bedroom apartment are things that most of you don’t struggle with at all: dishes and laundry. When we left Florida, we left our gleaming white dishwasher and washer/dryer behind.

We were mildly spoiled in the Cool Duplex with its rumbling yet functional dish-washing appliance. But after moving to the Bronx, we’re back to square one.

Cool Mum will elaborate further, but we’ve fallen off the WonderWash wagon a bit. We’ve tamed the laundry beast for now, but leaky diapers mounted an offensive offensive against us over the last couple of weeks. And while dishes haven’t escalated to a fray, they are a constant time suck after every meal.

My hope is that something will change in the near future, like moving to a place with these modern cleansing marvels. Or we could replace our TV stand with a dishwasher and our bed with a washer/dryer combo and duvet on top. Then we could do our laundry and sleep in the comfort of white noise! I am totally onto something here!!

However, if it came down to just choosing one convenience, my first instinct would be the washer/dryer. Then again, sometimes it seems like we’re doing dishes all day long. Such a cruel dilemma!

If you could only have one, which would you choose: a dishwasher or a washer/dryer?

18 notes on “If You Could Only Have One: Dishwasher or Washer/Dryer?

  1. RaquelTWG

    Washer/dryer, for sure. Because if you don’t have a dishwasher, you can still do dishes in your own sink, by hand. But if you don’t have a washer/dryer, you have to lug all your laundry to a laundromat (plus quarters) or lug it to a nice friend’s house. Definitely less convenient to be lacking a washer/dryer.

    1. Miss M

      I completely agree with you RaquelTWG!!!! We were without both for several years. The only time I cursed not having a dishwasher was after having a dinner party, but I cursed not having a washer and dryer every single day.

  2. Sarah at themommylogues

    Hands down washer/dryer. We’ve only had a dishwasher for the past 2 years after moving. You can wash a few dishes here & there. Laundry is a much bigger task. Particularly with a baby who spits up all over her clothes and mine.

  3. MalikG

    Ayup — washer and dryer. When you have a crapload of dirty clothes, your only option would become going to the laundromat.

  4. Kelly @ The Startup Wife

    How funny that you asked this, because my husband and I debate about this all the time! (We’re super fortunate right now to have both!) I say washer/dryer, because when you don’t have one and you have to go somewhere else to do laundry, you’re kind of chained to that. It’s SO FREEING to me to just stick laundry in the washer and leave! And dishes are annoying, but you can do them when you want.

    Husband’s take is that you don’t do laundry as often as you do the dishes, and when you don’t have a dishwasher, you also miss out on the in-between and drying-rack functions of the dishwasher–dishes have nowhere to go except in the sink or on the counter.

    1. Cool Mum

      i think my vote is for the dishwasher for that reason your husband mentions–dishes have to be done every few hours (and the mess of drying rack), many times a day! laundromat could be once a week.


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