Nine Cool Years: Happy Anniversary to Us!


Nine years ago, our friend took this picture of us. Clever Cool Readers will deduce that it was after our wedding and see that the weather took an odd turn toward light showers of rose petals. Here’s the story of our wedding if you’re the wedding story type.

Today, we’re celebrating our ninth wedding anniversary with our favorite pizza on the Upper East Side, much frozen yogurt and fresh toppings, and lots of smiles and laughing. Happy Anniversary to us!

10 notes on “Nine Cool Years: Happy Anniversary to Us!

  1. RaquelTWG

    Happy Anniversary, Cool Parents! I’m so thankful that I’ve “known” you guys for three of those nine years (: Have fun today!

    P.S. I love me some frozen yogurt with fresh toppings. *jealous*

  2. fred and zita pinero

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!What a nice couple and love the boys.Hope we can get together sometime this summer.

  3. Cool Dad Post author

    Thanks, everyone! Cool Newbie was very good as we went out for lunch together yesterday. We’re excited to see what Year 10 brings for us. :)

  4. Elizabeth Bradley

    Happy Anniversary! I’ll never forget your wedding… the long wait during photos, how happy and full of smiles the two of you were, hanging out with the Nicholsons while SHB fulfilled wedding duties, the interesting “tie dancer” and disco ball at the reception, and my new super short haircut. :) So fun to think about that day and all that God has brought into your life over the past 9 years… looking forward to what He has in store during the next 9!

    p.s. No one else commented on it and it seems a bit “sacrilegious” to say this, but the rose petals covering CM’s eyes crack me up. They seem almost photo-shopped on.

    1. Cool Dad Post author

      I would have picked another photo that showed CM’s pretty browns if we had one! And sorry again for that looong wait during the photos. I still feel bad! :)


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