Help AWSC? Be Named a Top Daddy Blog!


Now I’ve done it. Yesterday, I entered AWSC? into a contest to be named a Top Daddy Blog at Circle of Moms. I’ve never done anything like this, usually because I stumble across these things the day after they close. I randomly found this the day after it opened, so we have a fighting chance.

It is literally a dream and prayer of mine that this blog would grow–that it would entertain and encourage more parents and eventual parents. This could go a long way in making that happen. Would you help? To do so, please:

  1. com_voteGo to the AWSC? page on Circle of Moms and vote. To vote, click the yellow circle with a thumb on it next to our score. You don’t have to register or give an email address. Just click!
  2. Spread the word. You can use the Facebook Recommend button to share our page on your Facebook wall. And you’ll see the Tweet button there as well. Feel free to email your friends and dentists, telling them about this little blog that you like and how you’d love to see it win this contest and how you’ve been flossing every day.
  3. Vote again the next day. You can vote once a day until the contest closes on April 5. Please go back to our COM page when you can and click that little yellow thumb.

Thanks to our amazing and supportive friends yesterday, we’ve already jumped way up the list. I’d love to see what happens when everyone gets on board.

Thank you in advance for your help! And thank you even more for just being here!!

One note on “Help AWSC? Be Named a Top Daddy Blog!

  1. Eric Canja

    Yes… you are still COOL! Just voted for you and you are now at 232, which is pretty good in my book.

    I respect the fact that you want your blog to grow and that you are doing something about it… actually, I am INSPIRED by that!

    Being a stay home dad for the past six years to three AMAZING daughters and an ASPIRING blogger (that has been way to inCONSISTENT) for the past three years…

    …it’s men like you that CHALLENGE me to get off my bum and make the vision of my blog become a reality!


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