Recommend a Movie for Our Anniversary


Cool Mum and I channeled our carefree, pre-child days and watched TV together, specifically the Oscars. We love movies, but haven’t mustered the time or energy to go the theaters or use our Netflix much in, oh, the last 3 years [-3 cool points].

Interestingly, I feel a connection with the night’s biggest winner, The King’s Speech. I attended the NYC premiere of the film when I worked for the non-profit. We had great seats, right by where director Tom Hooper introduced Colin Firth, Helena Bonham Carter, and screenwriter David Seidler. Because the film lined up with the organization’s mission, I promoted it and followed it closely as it went from film festivals to limited release, gaining Oscar momentum at the end of 2010.

As I strive to become a better artist, whether it be writing, video making, or just plain blogging, I want to watch more movies, which are a blend of so many disciplines of art. The only movies that I’ve seen recently are Inception and The King’s Speech. Cool Mum has seen even less.

Our anniversary is this week, and we’d like to watch a movie as part of the celebration. Please tell us what we’re missing.

What movie should we watch for our anniversary?

9 notes on “Recommend a Movie for Our Anniversary

  1. nikki

    We’re not much help.

    This is the movie theme we have been on of late: “Movies with American actors talking British”.

    This is a real stretch for us. Usually we stick to our favorite cuddly genre: sci-fi/action/fantasy.

  2. Jennie

    Same boat as you except that we never watched many movies even before we had Addie! I hear good things about True Grit and have enjoyed Wes Anderson movies in the past.

    1. Cool Dad Post author

      I’m certainly interested in True Grit. I wonder how CM feels about Westerns. I don’t think she’ll like Jeff Bridges’ beard.

  3. Mama Wonton

    I’m not sure I remember what the insides of a movie theater looks like since we had our kid… But my husband and I do Netflix a lot… and I tend to like a little bit of romance for date night movies… don’t know about you…

    The last we watched on Netflix was Date Night (Steve Carell and Tina Fey)… It was a little bit ridiculous but funny…

    And thanks for stopping by my blog… I actually follow yours, though quietly until now…

    1. Cool Dad Post author

      Exactly! So much time goes in between my movie viewings that I wouldn’t be surprised to see them transformed with all of that newfangled 3D business going on.

      Thanks for commenting – glad to hear that we are mutual followers!


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