Don’t expect to see me in a meat dress for Halloween

lady-gaga-meat-dressWe didn’t watch the MTV Video Music Awards [-2 cool points]. We don’t get MTV, which is too bad because we’re missing some popular show about a Christian youth group from the New Jersey Shore or something like that.

On various headlines, I keep seeing pictures of Lady Gaga wearing a dress of raw meat. Is that cool? Hopefully the meat wasn’t sitting out, otherwise she would have been in a “rare” situation. Ha. I hope she didn’t show too much of her “rump” either. Ha ha. Boy, these puns are jerky. ANYWAY, I bet she performed her latest hit song with the haunting chorus, “Don’t call my name, don’t call my name… Carne Asada.”

You were probably wondering, but I would not wear a dress of raw meat. Yuck.

A gown of Chick fil-A fried cutlets? Maybe.

As long as they’re not right out of the fryer. Ouch.

7 notes on “Don’t expect to see me in a meat dress for Halloween

  1. Jennie

    I just don’t know about her…innovative for sure, but just over the top I think. Her outfits are mostly raunchy, and this one is just weird. That seems to be the secret of her success–weirdness.

    1. cool dad Post author

      She’s over the top, but she sure knows how the keep the public’s attention. I guess when you walk around in meat skirts, that attracts attention. Flies, too.


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