Did the new Cool Baby help run the Dharma Initiative?

For as long as I’ve known Cool Mum, she’s enjoyed figuring out who people look like. Once in a while, it makes for an awkward exchange when she asks someone, “Do you know who you look like?” That’s as loaded a question to be asked as any. The response could damage a friendship, especially if it involved a cartoon character. Well, Jessica Rabbit being an exception, I would think.

The other day, CM proclaimed that she knew who the new baby looked like. I cringed a little.

“The guy from the Dharma videos!”

She’s talking about the TV show Lost and its enigmatic doctor of Asian origin who appeared in several 1970s training videos. Me being a Lost nerd, immediately provided a name: “Pierre Chang?”


Whatcha think – do you see a little Pierre Chang in the new Cool Baby? (Dr. Chang is the bottom if you’re not familiar with Lost. Or human infants in general.)


10 notes on “Did the new Cool Baby help run the Dharma Initiative?

  1. Emily C

    Hmmm….they’re both making the same shape with their mouths… That’s the only resemblance I see. New Cool Baby is soooooo beautiful!!

  2. babita

    small resemblance. i need CM’s help with what celebrity i look like. when i was younger i got some comments but now i dont think i look like who people said i look like. i need CM’s expertise. especially for those doppleganger times on fb!

  3. meghan j.

    i see it! yes…what IS up with those triple eye bags?!?! nice observation. :) it’s good to see a pic of little mc lite. oops…there i went nicknaming without realizing it…

  4. Lee Anne

    I love the pic of Micah! I harassed CD today when I saw him for more pics, but alas, only one pic on the phone! CM you are too funny. Love you both.


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