The Story of The Island: The biggest bombshell yet


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This is the story of an island.

It was almost an accident that they ended up on The Island, but it was no accident. It was the machinations of an intricate plan with ancient roots.

Each of them were lacking direction of a sort, tossed about by the waves. Stripped of the comforts of home, wandering the jungle, they were scared, misplaced, doubtful, but alive with hope.

This is because The Island is special. It transforms and it hones. It offers mysteries and histories deeper than the waters that surround it. Somehow, on The Island, they found their way.

But some of them left. And some were left behind. Turmoil ensued. Maybe they were never supposed to leave. But maybe they were.

This week, we begin the next chapter in the story about The Island. And the story will go to lengths more extreme than we could have ever fantasized.

But the story is real.

The Island is Manhattan. Cool Mum and Cool Baby left weeks ago, but now they come back. Our future will be chaotic. Questions loom like skyscrapers and statues; answers may lie in their shadows.

Our story is landing somewhere, but we don’t know where. Our hope is secure, though sometimes we can’t help but feel lost. But we’re ready for the next chapter. Cool Mum is pregnant.

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